Goran Vejvoda, sound artist based in Paris. After studying music in Belgrade, he turns to contemporary music's and art.Guitarist with various rock bands (Idoli, in former-Yugoslavia and Oko 3 in France), he worked with Enki Bilal composing the soundtracks of Tykho Moon and Immortel, with Angelin Preljocaj for his shows at the Paris Opera (Le Parc & Casanova), or with Jacques Ossang on the music of his films.
He has several solo albums, Fruit Cloud and Harmonie, (Japan) cosigned a record with Suba, The Dreambird (Brazil), Mikro-Organizmi with Rambo (Serbia-Montenegro) or What with Zerone (France).
In 1986 he published a book devoted to Brian Eno and is currently preparing a compendium on sound art. He has exhibited since 1981 and in 2004 was part of the exhibition “Off The Record”, at the Arc/Musée D’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris.