Christian Marclay (17/02/05- 02/05/05) Barbican Art Gallery, London.

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Christian Marclay is that rare breed of artist, equally renowned in the worlds of music and the visual arts. Taking his cue from the gap between what we see and what we hear, the work focuses attention on the way sound is experienced, recorded and translated into visual media.
What happens when you take 700 film clips and mix them together on a PC? The result is Christian Marclay’s celebrated Video Quartet (2002) a 13-minute tour-de-force not to be missed.
Audiotape of the collected work of the Beatles is crocheted into a soft pillow, a graveyard of plaster cast telephone handsets lies scattered across the gallery floor never to be answered, while an oversized drum kit reaches up towards the ceiling of the gallery, too gigantic to ever be played.
Influenced by the anarchic freedom of punk rock and experiential musicians, Marclay pioneered the use of records and turntables as media for performance and improvisation. A similar emphasis on sampling informs his work where vinyl records, record covers, magnetic tape and musical instruments are transformed into arresting and highly entertaining collages, sculptures and video installations.
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Photos & Videos by Goran Vejvoda

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