CALARTS Night - California Institute of the Arts -mars 2006 - McBean Parkway , Valencia, California.

Photos by Goran Vejvoda

Cal Arts organises a show case by its students once a month or so, where all the various art communities converge in a very open festive mood to present a full scale - panel - of their activities. From sound installations, radio transmissions to concerts, performances, photos installations you name it the full range "chutzpah" spread right infront of your senses. Usually an in house affair, but students and professors can invite outsiders to join the feast.
It starts early evening and ends early next morning, when the creative juices have expired. Funnily enough when you stroll around in this big building you are free to enter any classroom, where you can find regular guys or gals just doing their usual thing as if nothing special was happening around them. Join in ...
Goran Vejvoda

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