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"Vibrö - Revue des arts sonores" - The editors of Vibrö Interviewed on Synesthesie
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Directors of publication: Randall Koral & Jacques Perche
Editor in Chief: Valérie Vivancos
Executive Editor: Rodolphe Alexis
Translation & proof reading: Benjamin Constable, Valérie Vivancos
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Ludovic De Baets, Aki Onda, Christian zanési, Sylvain Marquis, Claudia Wegener, Upsound, Avence ...
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Création, Production, Valorisation et Diffusion du son

The CD is the physical counterpart of this site. Our biannual compilations can be purchased online or in specialised stores. To accompany these periodicals, special issues will be occasionally released.

So far, the response and contributions have been very encouraging,
a living proof that something is happenning out there...
For its fourth issue - Vibrö is seeking new original sound pieces..


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