Vibrö is a sonic object, at the crossroads of an art multiple an a specialised magazine.Vibrö intends to render experiments in the fields of electroacoustics and Lo-Fi more 'audible'. It also tries to illustrate the growing presence of sound in the fine art practice. Published quarterly in a digibox format, vibrö includes an audio compilation and a series of cards that catalogue the artists and tracks.

Our samplers includes artists from all walks of life and artistic backgrounds. Its plurality introduces the many genres we will be dealing with. Destined to promote and support the artists, the sampler is a gathering of major names in sonic arts and a springboard for pioneering newcomers. It can be used as a reference archive, a portable sound gallery or soundtrack for a wide range of spaces. provides information on the contents of the compilation, but also on the wide range of developments in the area of sonic arts. Our purpose is to gather the many scattered communities and create an international network. Designed as a web ring, it will grow to facilitate the understanding and archiving of written and audio files.

We hope you enjoy the selection and carry on supporting the project so that it can match the creative endeavours that inspired it.

  01 Scanner Opening frame 6'02"   07 Aki Onda Eclipse 11'54"
  02 RadioMentale Una Dolce Notte 16'54"   08 _ER__A_D_A_G_E_ What is plying is played 3'38"
  03 Alejandra & Aeron Lost Cat - scene 4 3'11"   09 Serge Comte Love Me Again More 3'18"
  04 Goran Vejvoda Wuzzy Fuzzy quotes A 3'50"   10 William Furlong Burnt Cakes 7'17"
  05 Michel Guillet !LOST! 5'18"   11 Globi Centenfanchantan 8'03"
  06 Jopo Stéréo Etude Electronique pour Violon & Marimba 6'11"   12 Ryoji Ikeda Op.1 2'20"

The CD is the physical counterpart of this site. Our quarterly compilations can be purchased online or in specialised stores. Along the quarterly publications, special thematic issues will be released on a yearly basis.

So far, the response and contributions have been very encouraging,
a living proof that something is happenning out there...
For its third issue - 'Spring 2005' - Vibrö is seeking new sound pieces.

Who are we? A International team ot artists, designers and journalists, with a strong interest in sound art.
We are always keen to welcome like-minded collaborators!
You can also support our project by becoming a vibrö partner.

GENERAL INFO, SALES ENQUIRIES, PARTNERSHIP : info (at) vibrofiles (dot) com