Welcome to vibrö 2. While editing the new sampler, we felt there was a vital lead between the works; a lurking fragmentation of the narrative, more obvious when the tracks overtly borrow from films (Scanner, RadioMentale), refer to radio plays (Alejandra et Aeron, William Furlong) or sample travel diaries (Aki Onda, Globi) . In this instance, 'Broken Tales' also deals with the challenged formats of composition (Ryoji Ikeda, _ER__A_D_A_G_E_, Michel Guillet, Jopo Stereo) and new functions of the voice trapped by the machine (Goran Vejvoda, Serge Comte).

Thank you all again for the encouraging response to our first issue (press). We are constantly seeking new material in the shape of audio files (contributions), texts and links (theory) so that vibrö continues to be a rhizomic, informative and engaging platform for sound art. The V' team