A common phenonem when listening to sound art, is that our ears 'close down'
and filter out the so called 'non-musical' or ' non-informative' sounds. This is why we have chosen in this first issue to expose the listener to the plurality of sonic art, just as modern art lead the viewer to rediscover his gaze. The result is Inside Out, an collection of international sound artists whose work covers a wide range of genres; from
the radio art of dinahbird and the trio cutty sark, alex hamburger's concrete poetry, the generative music of Project Dark, Mika Vainio and David Toop's different approaches to experimental composition, the field recording of chris watson and cela Ètant, to Frederick Galliay's noise music and Vincent Epplay's installations and the use of sound in cinema that has inspired both Remedios Ayala + Paco Balbuena, and Loris Gréaud.