Along with seminal works from major names in the field of sound art, a great part of vibrö comes from less known artists. This is why we are encouraging you to continue sending audio tracks. Each piece we receive is being indexed and archived. For each vibrö issue, the editorial board listens to and selects the pieces that will appear on the CD.

We are trying to comply with the general mood, organisation, and duration of each issue and avoid repetition of genre or content.
Therefore, and because of the limited amount of tracks we can include in each issue, your work may not be selected straight away but it will be kept for future selections and related projects.

Download our application files & guidelines to know all details about audio specifications and information we need to publish you.

Application files & guidelines in PDF
Application files & guidelines in RTF

The CD is the physical counterpart of this site.
Our compilations can be purchased online together with co-published monographies and books.

Who are we? An international team of artists, designers and journalists, with a strong interest in sound and art. Since 2004, we have also been curating and programming more than 30 shows and events including the artists involved with the project. Working on a non-profit, volunteering basis, we will always welcome like-minded collaborators! You can also support us by becoming a vibrö partner.


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