Serge Comte works with pictures, sounds and personalities on a daily basis. Perhaps because he began with video, he understood right away the dilemma between the screen and the loudspeaker. When he started arranging things on a computer it all became even clearer:

data crisscross. We play sounds, sounds help pictures, pictures love texts and texts kill us.
Given that he uses his two hands and both halves of his brain, he operates a uniquely open
work, as every ‘mono spirit’ does.

Love Me again More- Vibrö 2 (track 09)
I was bored. They cut off all my favourite cable TV channels for lack of payment. My Visa card was empty once more. Animals, Sports and Music became coded. No more clearclean TV stuff, but a blur, noisy and rather more hypnotic world, My ‘télé’ starts to talk beauty. Then came Der Picknicker, one of my avatars who collects sounds from the streets (rehearsals from garages, original soundtracks from movie theatres, guitar solos from concert halls) or corrupted sound files found on computers. He decided to record this song from the most commercial TV video clips, and give it this name, one hand on the broken antenna, hoping for the message to be heard somewhere.


#1 - CD audio - 58'35"
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"Rougeneige", cd A.N.T.I.R.U.S.T, Reykjavik, 2004
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"Rodéo" - 45trs, Alice Travel records/Optical Sound, Paris / Strasbourg,
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"Les canards, les oies, les cygnes", cd "Sonic City", Paris, 2000
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"Amfetamín og E-töflur", double cd "Music For Dreamachine", Optical Sound, Strasbourg, 2000

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"4x4", cd Midi sous Terre", Mental Groove, Genève, 1999

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"Tout Doux", cd "iwannabeyourfavoritebee", Crash prod/ galerie Jousse
Seguin 1997

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PS: I love you,

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