Pete Stollery is a teacher, composer and performer based in North-East Scotland. He works
at the University of Aberdeen where he works with teachers in the creative uses of technology in music education.

His music examines the interplay between the original “meaning” of sounds and sounds existing purely as sound, divorced from their physical origins; this is
achieved by the juxtaposition of real (familiar) and unreal (unfamiliar) sounds to create surreal soundscapes.

Serendipities and Synchronicities - Vibrö 3 (track 10)
This piece was commissioned for a play about the life and music of Delia Derbyshire, who worked at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in London in the 1960s and 70s. She most famously produced the theme tune for the cult TV series Dr Who, although she never received any credit for this. The title refers to the way Derbyshire described her own compositional methods.When I came across this, it immediately struck a resonance with me and the way I work with technology. Studio composition for me is always a mixture of pre-determined plans and accumulation of material happened-upon’ along the way.
Like the play, I wanted to create something which derived from Derbyshire’s work in the 1960s. One of the things I remember about Dr Who was the visuals which went with the opening credits - video feedback, or ‘howlaround’. I created a vast amount of material generated from feedback loops (achieved by plugging the outputs of analogue sound processors back into their inputs) and much of the material in this piece comes from those feedback loops.


Pete Stollery (born Halifax, UK 1960) studied composition with Jonty Harrison. He now composes almost exclusively in the electroacoustic medium, particularly music where there exists an interplay between the original "meaning" of sounds and sounds existing purely as sound, divorced from their physical origins.

In his music, this is achieved by the juxtaposition of real (familiar) and unreal (unfamiliar) sounds to create surreal landscapes. He has collaborated with practitioners from all areas of the arts, particularly dance and sculpture and has recently produced music and sound design for a number of UK Visitor Attractions including Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh and Magna in Rotherham.

He is Senior Lecturer in Music and Director of the Electroacoustic Music Studio at the University of Aberdeen delivering courses on the creative applications of technology in music and music education. He is a board member of Sonic Arts Network, the national organisation promoting electroacoustic music in the UK and he edits the Journal of Electroacoustic Music published annually by SAN.

In 1996, along with Alistair MacDonald, Robert Dow and Simon Atkinson, he established the group invisiblEARts whose aim is to perform acousmatic music throughout Scotland and to promote Scottish acousmatic music to a wider audience, both within Scotland and abroad.



See Hear, Inverurie :
Date: Tuesday 22nd November 2005
Place: Inverurie Town Hall
Time: 7.30 pm Programme: Works by Pete Stollery, Bill Thompson and Adam Proctor (video projection), James Wyness, and the young people of Inverurie. Ticket prices: FREE Promoter: sound

Pete Stollery, Bill Thompson, Adam Proctor, James Wyness
and a collective of young artists from Inverurie.

Young artists of Inverurie work with Pete Stollery, Adam Proctor, and Bill Thompson to produce sonic and visual compositions of their impressions of Inverurie. Their works will be projected and performed on multiple speaker and visual turntables using cutting edge technology. Also on the bill are works by the facilitators themselves.
Discoveries XXXIV :
Date: Tuesday 8th November 2005
Place: Thainstone Centre, Inverurie
Time: 7.30 pm

Programme: World Premieres of Still Voices and Fields of Silence by Pete Stollery.The performance will also feature sonic art by schoolchildren from Aberdeenshire schools created during the Sonic Postcards project mounted by Sonic Arts Network and Aberdeenshire Council as part of the Youth Music Initiative.

Ticket prices: free of charge (donations) Ticket booking information: n/a Promoter: Gordon Forum for the Arts Links:  

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