Mark Vernon is a sound artist based in Glasgow, who produces audio
documentaries, soundtracks, works for radio and sound installations.

In the past he has been involved with setting up and running Radio Tuesday,an artist run radio station based in Glasgow.

He is currently artist in residence at the Kilsyth Academy for the Dumbreck Marsh Nature Reserve project and has just been commisioned to create a new radio work for New Media Scotland's upcoming Drift festival.
The Derby Tape Club, a half hour programme was recently broadcast on BBC Radio 4.


'Soundbite' is a series of audio questionnaires recorded exclusively by the artist for Vibro.
The questions include: where are you, what is your first memory of sound, your favourite sound, your worst sound? Any sound source can be used for the answers, which are given in either a 3-4 minute edited form, or separately.
Interviews are compiled by Dinahbird

To read while listening launch Mark Vernon SoundBite (mp3)

Where are you ?
Hammering and sawing from neighbour's unidentified local business.
Beer delivery delivered every morning to the bar downstairs.
'Singing in the Rain' - a drunken sing along outside my window on a rainy Glasgow night at about 2am.
Radiator squits - unpleasant noises from the radiators when the central heating comes on that sound a little too like certain bodily functions.

A squeaky wardrobe door scraping across the Strings of a Citara ( a mini harp) in my room.
A musical fridge door - you can create different pitched creaking sounds by pulling or pushing down on our fridge door when opening a closing it.

Where are you (bis)?
Hopefully the choice of sounds and the way they're put together will tell you a bit about that.
First sound you remember ?
Probably my parent's voices, but specific sounds I remember are the chimes of an ice cream van and an old fashioned whistling metal spinning top- which I don't have a recording of but would very much like to.

Sound You love ?
My Dad talking to my Mum about making tea as fireworks explode in the distance on a sunny afternoon. Poplar trees swaying in the wind at my parent's home in Derby. A musical gate on a county walk.
Badminton at Kelvin hall sports arena.
The gas ring being lit. The haunting acoustics of music being played ina huge empty space. An empty Marina on a windy day in Aviemore, Scotland.

Sound You hate ?
Squeaky tap at my parent's house.
Irregular burglar alarm - this alarm at the back of my flat kept me awake for three days one weekend.
To make things worse the battery in the alarm seemed to be running down making the alarm completely irregular, extremely annoying, and at the same time fascinating, making ignoring it impossible.
I'd keep thinking it had stopped only for it to start up again moments later. In the end I began hearing it even when it had stopped.

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