Aymeric de TAPOL (aka KLINGELT), is a recording engineer, composer and multimedia artist,
born in 1974.
After Graduating from Toulouse School of Fine Arts, in 2000, he joined the artist collective
Construct, with Frederic Blin (multimedia programming), Cathie Verdin (dance) and Rémi
Duveauchelle (lights). Within this context, he directed videos and composed sound works. He has also had residences at the Groupe de Musique Électroacoustique in Albi, at the French
Institute of Kuala Lumpur, (Malaysia) and at the French Institute of Bilbao (Spain). Through the VOLKSYSTEME art centre, in Toulouse, he collaborated with several different artists in the fields of video and sound improvisation. Besides these activities, he is currently working as a composer and sound engineer for films and documentaries.

We apologise for our typo mistake on the CD cover (the name of the artist should be Aymeric De Tapol, "KLINGELT" is the name of the album)

Desert bleu (part 2) - fiction - Vibrö 3 (track 02)
Voice: Edwina Oel, Simon Welch, Aymeric De Tapol.
I drew my inspiration for this electroacoustic piece (following Desert Bleu - part 1), from a book by Thomas Pynchon and from research in electromagnetic phenomena carried out by SP McGreevey. I used the dysfunctions of an analogue synthesiser as well as direct recordings of wind blowing down a chimney. These are the recurring elements of a soundscape in which enigmatic characters depict an eerie natural world.


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Mini Album "J AI VU UN NUAGE"
Ph36 et Ph38, otra vez n2, Nowaki

Listen on his website : http://a.detapol.free.fr/

Aymeric De Tapol
" SLAB CITY " - mp3 - 4'13" - 5 Mo
composition réalisée en 2006...


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