In 1986, Joan Schuman started producing public radio documentaries in her hometown of
Philadelphia (on the U.S. east coast) and slipped into making radio art narratives in 1992.
By the mid-’90s in the California Bay Area, she ventured into gallery and performance
spaces with her audio art and collected other sound artists to air on the radio, helped visual
artists with their sounds and stories and continues to curate events: most recently, The
Sound Lounge at Dinnerware Gallery in Tucson, Arizona. She teaches sound design and
creative radio at the university level, as well as in schools, on the Internet and as a mentor
in classrooms. She writes about the arts for the Tucson Weekly and covers city politics for a
small-town local newspaper.
Her work has been widely broadcast in the States and on Australia’s national radio, on stations in Canada, on the radio art station, Resonance FM (UK) and many community radio stations. She has participated in festivals in Italy, Germany, Australia, Canada and the U.S., and in the European travelling sound exhibit, Collective Jukebox.
photo: Rodolphe Alexis

Walking in Bad Circles - Vibrö 3 (track 03)
Travels in Stasis – part 1 & 2 is a work-in-progress, an ongoing exploration of the nomad – geography, psyche, aesthetics. Part 2: Walking in Bad Circles follows the textual, sonic and psychic geographies of a long-lost Mexican man, caught throwing stones at a Phoenix police car, his schizophrenic mixture of Spanish and English revealing bits and pieces of a nomadic history. (2004).



2 004
Where’s the Beat? Radio McGill at CKUT-FM, Montreal, Quebec (Canada) (Taboo Box, Speech Acts, Unbecoming Woman, Travels in Stasis, Hyperacousia, Complicité)

Re: sound, WBEZ-FM, Chicago, IL (Silence excerpt from Speech Acts)

2004, 2003 The Radio Chronicles, KPFA-FM, Berkeley, CA

2001 (Taboo Box, Speech Acts, Nomad Space)

2004, 2000 Outright Radio, PRI national documentary series (Becoming A Man, Queer Queers, executive producer & host; Prom Queens, In the Navy, Sissies, Patrick’s Story, Senior Producer; Over the Rainbow, commissioned producer)

2004, 2003 Radio Lab, WNYC-FM, New York, NY (Silence, remix from Speech Acts) 2004, 2003 Audible Woman, CIUT-FM, Toronto, Ontario (Canada) (Taboo Box, Unbecoming Woman)

2003, 2002 Hitchhiking Off the Map, The Independent Eye national series (Skin Stories, Keeper of Memory)

2002 Unknown Country,, Resonance FM, London (Silence, excerpt from Speech Acts)

2003, 2002 The Houyhnhnm Tales, Resonance FM, London (Unbecoming Woman, Complicité, Hyperacousia, Nomad Space) 2002 Soundprint, NPR-distributed program (Residence Elsewhere)

2002 Chicago Matters, WBEZ/Chicago Public Radio, Chicago, IL (Residence Elsewhere, commissioned documentary, “Inside Housing” series) 2002 Radio Eye,, The Night Air, Australia Broadcasting Corporation (Unbecoming Woman, Silence, excerpt from Speech Acts)

2001 Weekend Edition/Saturday, NPR (Nomad Space, Radio~Sound~Art)

2002, 2001 The Next Big Thing, WNYC-FM, New York, NY (Silence, remix from Speech Acts, Nomad Space, commissioned sound essay)

2001, 2000 Something Else, WLUW-FM, Chicago, IL (Speech Acts, Complicité)

2001 Afternoon Freeform, KUNM-FM, Albuquerque, NM (Echo, excerpt from Speech Acts)

2000 Beyond Computers, PRI national program (13 short-form sound commentaries, commissioned for weekly shows)

2000 The Morning Show, KPFK-FM, Los Angeles, CA (repeat of Beyond Computers sound commentaries) 2000 Radio Dada, WNUR-FM, Chicago, IL (Speech Acts)

2000 Wordscapes, KXCI-FM, Tucson, AZ (Hyperacousia, Complicité, Unbecoming Woman)

1999 Right Ear Dominant,, KUSP-FM, Santa Cruz (13-part series, international sound artists, host & producer) 1998 Acoustic Mining,, KUSP-FM, Santa Cruz, CA (13-part series, short-form, random sound art, host & producer)

1993 New American Radio, New Radio & Performing Arts, New York, NY (Conversations with Jane, commissioned sound art ; producer)


2004 Sound Art Museum at Radio Art Mobile / Italy (Taboo Box) 2001 Third Coast International Audio Festival ( (Silence, excerpt of Speech Acts)

2001 art(at)radio, WMBC-FM ( (Speech Acts)

2001 Transom, public radio web portal ( (Radio~Sound~Art) FESTIVALS 2004 Free Radio HDTS, part of High Desert Test Sites 4 (Joshua Tree, CA) (Travels In Stasis)

2003 Deep Wireless (New Adventures in Sound Art, Toronto, Canada) (Radio~Sound~Art)

2002 Alchemy Radio (d>art02, dLux media arts festival, Paddington, Australia) (Nomad Space, excerpt from Travels in Stasis)

2001 d>art 01, dLux media arts festival, Paddington, Australia (Speech Acts) 2001 Festival Garage-01: Sound Without Image, Berlin, Germany (Radio~Sound~Art)

2000 (ongoing) Collective Jukebox, international traveling audio art project, France (Plausible Narration, Speech Acts excerpts, Complicité, Hyperacousia)

2001, 2000 Digital Thaw, Institute for Cinema & Culture , University of Iowa (Unbecoming Woman, Silence, excerpt of Speech Acts)

2000 Outer Ear, Festival of Sound, Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago (Speech Actions, commissioned artist)
(Unbecoming Woman)

1998 Herbert Sanders Gallery, San Jose State University (Complicité)

1998 Gallery Six, San Jose State University (Hyperacousia)


2004 Strange Animals at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (L.A.C.E.) (Travels in Stasis)

2004 The Sound Lounge at Dinnerware Gallery, Tucson, AZ (curator/participant) (Taboo Box)

1999 San Francisco Art Commission Gallery, San Francisco, CA (Complicité)

1999 Gallery Two, San Jose State University, CA (Plausible Narration)

1998 WORKS Gallery, /San Jose, CA (Complicité)

1998 WORKS Gallery, Performance Night, San Jose, CA (French Philosopher’s Dinner)

1996 Luna Sea, San Francisco, CA (Thin As Skin)

1996 The LAB, San Francisco, CA (Thin As Skin)

1995 Santa Cruz Actors Theater, Santa Cruz, CA (Conversations with Jane)


2004 Tokyo Equinox, Yuri Makino, San Francisco Asian American Film Festival; Women of Color Film Festival, Arizona International Film Festival (others)

2004 Laramie Inside Out, Beverly Seckinger, Wingspan Film Festival, Tucson

2003 Standing with Trees, TS Anand, The Tree Museum, Toronto, Canada

2001 The Book, TS Anand, Triton Museum of Art, San Jose, CA

2000 Unfathomable, TS Anand, San Jose State University

1999 The sound of hair being braided, TS Anand, San Jose State University

1999 Weavings, Heather Lee, San Jose State University

1998 Between Sensation & Knowing: A Study of Somatic Introspection, Sarah Puckitt, San Jose State University 1998 In Perfection: Photographs of Real Women, Heidi Strueble, San Jose State University





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