Felicity has been playing the piano since she was four and a half and the flute since she was eight. She also sang in a church choir from ages eight to fifteen. After a conventional classical tuition on these instruments and plenty of religious, choral performances, she decided that she was more interested in improvising, making art, and inventing her own, disorganised religion. She duly quit her positions in the Croydon Youth Orchestra and the St. John's of Shirley Church choir, and busked her way from the UK to Ireland where she began a fine art degree in 2001, aged 21.

In the final year of her BA, she brought her musical skills to her art practise and began creating soundpieces which interwove narrative and music. Her first piece marked the acquisition of a beloved, shiny, red accordion and was called "Boy," and her degree show consisted of sound pieces exploring human perceptions of animals, and was " displayed" in a large, white, soundproofed cube, with a dark green interior . The aim was to produce something that referenced an animal den, while at the same time being very obviously a man-made construction. The collection of works is called Audicle, a title taken from audioand spectacle.


'Soundbite' is a series of audio questionnaires recorded exclusively by the artist for Vibro.
The questions include: who are you, what is your first memory of sound, your favourite sound, your worst sound? Any sound source can be used for the answers, which are given in either a 3-4 minute edited form, or separately.
Interviews are compiled by Dinahbird

1. Where are you?
2. What is your first memory of sound?
3. Your favourite sound?
4. your worst sound?


SoundBite - mp3
>> Listen the ''Felicity Ford'' answer (mp3)
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