Dominique Blais is an explorer of thresholds of optical and aural perception at the point where the visual and the auditory converge. Centring on a group of polarities – visible/invisible, audible/inaudible, light/darkness, noise/silence – his work calls in particular on the viewer’s memory and imagination. Dominique Blais currently lives and works in Paris. He is represented by Galerie Xippas, Paris/Athens.

Sans Titre (Lustre) - Vibrö 5 (track 10)
The installation Sans titre (Lustre) [Untitled (Chandelier)] is a kind of sound-print of the interior of the art centre La Galerie in Noisy-le-Sec, a notation of the lingering, ghostly presence of those who once lived here. The artist carried out a series of recordings during downtime in the building, capturing the near-imperceptible creaking, cracking and plumbing noises the new occupants pay no attention to. In a return to the venue’s former residential character, a French window (hitherto covered over to facilitate the hanging of works) has been reinstated, although its panes have been overlaid with dark filters and the resultant dimness means the eyes take time to adapt. Mouldings have been added, together with a dropped ceiling and a central rose to which is attached the installation’s core piece: a chandelier, whose arabesques suggest the ironwork of old balconies. Instead of providing artificial light, however, the chandelier uses a battery of speakers to diffuse a mise en abyme of the venue’s sonic soul.
Production : La Galerie, Centre d’art contemporain de
oisy-le-Sec, with the support of Conseil Général de la Seine-Saint-Denis Photograph : Cédrick Eymenier, 2008
Text : Anne-Lou Vicente (translation by John Tittensor)
Thanks to Emmanuelle Gibello, Marianne Lanavère, Mélanie Scellier. Special thanks to Nathanaëlle Puaud.
Courtesy Galerie Xippas, Paris/Athens





"Visions nocturnes" Groupshow curated by Marianne Lanavère, La Galerie (Noisy le Sec) 03/2008
"Transposition (Etude)" Fonderie Darling (Montreal) 09/2008
"DOOM" w/ Cécile Babiole, BuySellf Art Club (Marseille)
"SAISON VIDEO" Screening, Espace croisé (Roubaix)

WHITE LIGHT / WHITE HEAT - Ballon lumineux gonflé à l’hélium, sérigraphie. 2006

"NYNYNY So nice we name it thrice " Group show, Flux Factory (New-York)
"RAW" Group show curated by Laurent Montaron, IrmaVepLab (Chatillon-sur-Marne)
"LES ONDES " Solo show, Le Dojo (Nice)
"GRIZZLY PROOF" Group show, Flux Factory (New-York)
"THE STILLNESS OF THE AIR" Solo show, La Vitrine (Paris)
"BURNING MRS O'LEARY'S COW" Screening, SWGC gallery curated by Room 312 (Corner brook, CA)
"ROAD TO UTOPIA" Road-movie project, Galerie Exterieure (USA)


"LE PETIT NOEL DU..." Le commissariat (Paris)
"THE CARDBOARD HOUSE " Installation, Studio Cormier (Montreal, CA)
"COSA NOSTRA" Glassbox (Paris)
"WHITE LIGHT/WHITE HEAT" Installation, Rayon frais (Tours)
"SAMUEL MORSE MEETS BRIAN WILSON" Two-persons show, w/ Detanico/Lain, Pode Bal (Paris)
"MARCLAY'S BIKE" Installation, Galerie Exterieure (Paris)
“PSYCHO 3” Screening, Rush Arts Gallery (New York, USA)

DOOM - Techniques mixtes. 2006-2007 • avec Cécile Babiole

“PSYCHO 3” Screening, Atrium (Fort-de-france)
“RIAM 02” w/ Laurent Grasso, Galerie SMP curated by Circuit court (Marseille)
“PSYCHO 3” Screening, Temporarycontemporary (Londres)
“PSYCHO 3” Screening, MK2 Bibliothèque (Paris)
“ICI REVER ICI” Ecole des Beaux-Arts, commission by Sylvain Rousseau (Tours)
“FLOATING ZONE” Les abattoirs, Musée d’Art Contemporain curated by vks (Toulouse)
“GROUPSHOW” ADM gallery (Bois-Colombe)
“INFRA” Two-persons show, w/ Steinbrüchel, Glassbox (Paris)
“CIS4” Medialab, Galerie Rue Montgrand (Marseille)
“EYE OF THE DUCK” Centre d’Art Manet (Gennevilliers)

TWO CIRCLES - Platines vinyles, disques, enceintes, amplificateurs, table, néon, programme informatique. 2005

“AFTERHOURS” Groupshow, Peanuts (Paris)
“AVRIL.DOT” Electronic and media arts festival, Confluences (Paris)

“SITUATIONES”, Kinematik, sound performance, Auditorium (Cuenca, ESP)
“LOADING” In situ project, ENSA (Limoges)

DEAF ROOM - Platine vinyle, disque, socle, néons, vitrine. 2005


Conference, Ecole supérieure d’art (Rennes)

Workshop Max/MSP, Institut Régional des Arts Visuels (Fort-de-France)
Workshop Max/MSP, Villette Emergences (Paris)
Conference & workshop, Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts (Tours)

Sound teaching, Ecole Nationale d’arts de Paris-Cergy (Cergy)

SANS TITRE (LE THÉÂTRE) Triptyque photographique, système d’éclairage, magnétophone Revox, câbles. 2007


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