'It is little surprise that French electroacoustic composer Berangere Maximin's musical path has consisted of both conservatory studies under Denis Dufour and stints in rock and world bands. Her solo debut ('Tant Que Les Heures Passent' released on Tzadik in mid 2008) consists of six works that expound upon the tape manipulations of Pierre Schaeffer, but whose sense of drama maintains her contact with the popular musical forms that she has partaken in. Maximin clearly has a knack for making the most of her tools. Using only tape and voice, she displays a highly mature sense of patience in her composition, allowing each piece to unfold into its own entity that is ripe with morsels of surprising humor and effect. The composer can utilize these sounds to create works of strong individual character and impressive emotive depth.' Henry Smith, Brainwashed. 'Certainly her music is vividly direct (...) This music enacts the coming together of sounds found and contrived. Maximin's light touch and discreet dramatic effectiveness bear comparison with Luc Ferrari's deft musical essays on relationships between incident and intention....Altogether a nourishing selection.' Julian Cowley, The Wire. 'She creates landscapes that pull you in and hold your attention with a keen sense of detail and subtle sense of surprise. A seductive and beautiful debut CD from one of the most personal and passionate new voices in electroacoustic music.' John Zorn, Tzadik.

Boudmo - Vibrö 4 (track 05)
The Inspired by traditional drinking songs from central Ukraine.
Production: Home Sweet Home Studio/ Bérangère Maximin
Commissioned for the Synthèses festival (Bourges, France), spring 2004.


Composer Series
tz 8056


2. BOUDMO 5:30
for live voice and tape
5. SI CE N'EST TOI 8:02

All compositions by BERANGERE MAXIMIN
executive producer JOHN ZORN
associate producer KAZUNORI SUGIYAMA
composed at Home Sweet Home studio/BERANGERE MAXIMIN
mastered by SCOTT HULL


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2007 Minimum Rock'n'Roll # 4 Lipstick, patins mouillés et gorges profondes Rock et Litterature Co-édition Disco-Babel / Le Castor Astral. A musical short story of BM p. 42-43  

Main Venues
- BM on tour Dec. 08/July 09: New York City (The Stone, Mixology Fest Roulette, Monkey Town), Italy: Florence + Fennesz & Lillevän (Teatro della Pergola), Bologna (AngelicA festival), France: Paris (Mains d'Oeuvres + James Blackshaw, La Java), Besançon (Musiques libres et inventives, Nuit Bleue), Marseilles (Sons de Plateaux fest., Montévidéo), Bourgogne (Dijon Megaphone Festival, Paray le Monial Cloister) and more to come....

- 2008: Maison des Métallos/Ina-GRM (Paris), Lieu Unique (Nantes, Fr), La Java (Paris), Synthese Festival (Bourges, Fr), Champs Libres Fest. (Strasbourg, Fr), California State University (Fullerton, USA), Electromediaworks 08 (Athens, Greece), AV Festival (Manchester, UK, thanx to Jopo&Dinah!!), Sonic Residues (Stony Brook, NY, thanx to Vibrö), City Sonics Fest. (Brussels, Belgium, thanks to No Go Zones), Radio Libertaire (Epsilonia), Aligre FM (Songs of Praise), France Musique (Tapage Nocturne, Electromania), ...

- 2007 National Art Museum MoT (Tokyo, Japan), Devantgarde festival Munich Mix (Germany), Scrime/Labri Monographic Concert (Bordeaux, France), Musiques Et Jardins Summer festival (Paris, France), Project 101 (Paris, France), OpA Bar Club (Paris, France), Musiques de rues/New Territories of Sonic Arts (Besançon, France)

- 2006 CCMC Japan festival, Multiphonies Radio France, Traffic Rock festival (Torino, Italy), Espace du son festival (Brussels, Belgium), V Dance International Festival (Tel Aviv, Israel), Palais de Tokyo Art Center Thursday Events (Paris, France), Nuit Bleue/Elektrophonie (Besançon, France), Longueur d'ondes radiophonic festival (Brest, France)

- 2005 2004 Musicacoustica Beijing Festival (China), Dublin Fringe Festival (Ireland), Dense Danse, 8th Dance Day (Ile de France), Gare au Theatre International Dance Festival (Ile de France), Peniche Opera Evening (Paris, France), Sound Poetry Festival Licences (Paris, France), Futura International Acousmatic Art Festival (Crest, France), Son Mire Music Festival (Fabrezan, France).

Radio Comission
National Broadcast France Musique, Tapage Nocturne
- May 2008: 'MAI, UNE CHRONIQUE'
a Radiophonic piece of BM for the ' May 68' Fourty Anniversary. 21'38
Based on Mavis Gallant's diary, first published by the New-Yorker during the summer 68. French Translation issued in Deux-temps Editions in 88.
- January 2008: 'KADDISHOWSCOPE'
for live voice and tape after poems of the great Allen Ginsberg. 28'30
English and French Language. Adaptated and composed by BM. Readers, Dinahbird and BM.
-Weekly since september 2006: 'LES TERRITOIRES DU SON'
Duration 35'00. Musical selections of Electroacoutic, Acousmatic, Concrete stereo pieces from Academic or Unknown, Young or Dead Composers. Recorded, Edited and produced by BM. Coproduction Motus/Home Sweet Home Studio, Every Monday 9pm/Saturday 3 pm on the local Radio Station RSF and live on the web here: http://www.radiosaintfe.com/

Radio Broadcast,
National Broadcast France Musique : Electrain de Nuit, Electromania, Fins de Mois Difficiles. Others : WBMC : Art(at)Radio (Baltimore, USA), Radio Libertaire : Epsilonia (Paris, France), RSF (Val de Drôme, France), Radio Pays d’Herault : Bab El Watt (Herault, France), Elektramusic.com webradio.

Radio Producing
Travelling Poursuite Duration 12'00
Audio Chronicles about Electroacoustic concerts and Alternative Events in France and Europe. Radio Report. Recorded, Edited and produced by Berangere Maximin?Coproduction Motus/Home Sweet Home Studio under an initial proposal of the local Radio Station RSF. Local Radio Station RSF : Val de Drome, France, 94.2 fm and each month in the ElektraMusic RadioShow for Experimental Music : http://www.elektramusicradio.com
Territoires Du Son Duration 40'00 Radio Show of Berangere Maximin and Denis Dufour, alternate. Musical selections of Electroacoutic, Acousmatic, Concrete stereo pieces from Academic or Unknown, Young or Dead Composers. Recorded, Edited and produced by Berangere Maximin, rotation with Denis Dufour Coproduction Motus/Home Sweet Home Studio, Every Monday 9pm/Saturday 3 pm on the local Radio Station RSF and soon on the web.

Original works for Dance
-2005 Transplant, 40 mn, for five dancers, Jocelyne Danchick choreographer (USA/France) Electroacoustic Composition and Additionnal Music Selections.
- 2004 Breath Cycle, 20 mn, Solo, Video and Dance Performance, Jocelyne Danchick choreographer , Michael Roulier Videoartist. Electroacoustic Composition

Original works for Movies
2005 Encre Noire, DV, 22’58, Michael Roulier (images) Sound design and Electroacoustic Composition

2002 House of Artists of Kiev, Ukraine, Anamorphosis, sound and plastic installation, Anton Yakutovych (visual artist) Supported by The Ukrinainian Ministery of Culture and the French Cultural Center of Kiev. Electroacoustic Composition Musical Shows 2007 This Vile Body / Ce corps vil, 40’00, French language,

July 2009 Grim Studios in Marseilles (recordings - part one). Series of Bicephalous musical pieces: BM, electronics, voice & Regis Laugier, basses, voice + guests (tba soon...)
- September 2009 IMEB (Bourges, Fr). Creation-commission: Des Tigres Multicolores, tape music.

Musical Show
2009 Stuck In A Nasty Little Film, 55'00, works for live voice and tape. French and English language. Texts of Valerie Vivancos and Twentieth century authors and songwriters. Adaptation, composition and performance.

2007 This Vile Body / Ce corps vil, 40'00, for Voice in Live and Sonic Sequences. French language. Adaptation, composition and performance..


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