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Christian Zanési studied at Pau University with Marie-Françoise Lacaze and Guy Maneveau, then in Paris at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique under Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel. He has been a member of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales of the I.N.A. since 1977. He is the head of the musical programming at the GRM and a producer at
France Musiques.

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Interview publiée dans l'Education Musicale (n°503/504 mai/juin 2003) - Réalisée par Anne-Claude Iger et Jean Pierre Lalloz, philosophe, spécialiste des problèmes philosophiques liés à l'art

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Aki Onda, William Furlong, Ryoji Ikeda,
David Toop, Scanner, Mika Vainio, Chris Watson...


An experience of Synchrotherapy
Loris Gréaud’s performance took place in Ayers Island (Maine), in august 2004 and as a stream on this website.

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Si_COMM is the collected work of sound researcher , designer, and visual artist, BG Nichols. From early works and sound installation pieces with his first major project, ECM:323, a line of enquiry was pursued which encompassed art, science, philosophy, and acoustics. ECM:323 exhibited sound works in major galleries in the UK including the ICA, Museum of Installation, South London Gallery, and the Royal Society of British Sculptors, as well as audio visual presentations at SONAR in Barcelona...

INTERVIEW with Barry G Nichols of LEVEL & Si_COMM, by media developer, Matt Spendlove- Polymorphic
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Interview by Vibrö at BATOFAR (Paris) 01/06/2004

..."What that sort of proves is actually Deleuze’s idea of faciality machine that you’re not free to not have a face; that you have to have a face with which you present yourself to the world. Laptop performances become all about the facial expressions and little tics"...

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Discover excluive mp3 of Serge Comte, Ak48, Loris Gréaud, OttoAnna, Cela Etant, Vincent Epplay...
photo: "Rodéo" copyright Serge Comte

CANTaudio was founded in Liverpool UK in 2003 by artist Alan Dunn.

"The notion of CANTaudio began exactly on 15 January 2003. Between purchasing Stockhausen's helikopter-streichquartett CD and hearing it for the first time was a gap of three hours."-Alan Dunn
Each CANTaudio production is home-produced and distributed free of charge in limited edition CDs or downloads.

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'SoundBite' is a series of audio questionnaires recorded exclusively by the artist for Vibrö.
Interviews are compiled by Dinahbird

>> Listen the "Felicity Ford"' sounbite

'SoundBite' is a series of audio questionnaires recorded exclusively by the artist for Vibrö.
Interviews are compiled by Dinahbird

>> Listen the "Un caddie renversé dans l'herbe" sounbite

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