01 Dominique Petitgand "Proportions" (excerpts) 7'00"   07 Angus Carlyle Shitsuren Shimashita 4'53"
  02 François Martig & Philippe Petitgenêt NOISE-ette 6'47"   08 Carl Michael von Hausswolff Farang Smiley 8'21"
  03 James Beckett Trophies 5'26"   09 Jacob Kirkegaard Fool's Fire 7'52"
  04 Frank Rothkamm Cosmological_Constant 7'22"   10 Dominique Blais Sans titre (Lustre) 8'01"
  05 Matmos X-ed Out no drums 6'21"   11 Andrea Williams SILO 5'13"
  06 Jodi Rose & Erik Minkkinen Journal de bord d’un petit caillou 6'43"   12 Radio-Continental Drift Radio Armed Response 5'42"

In the midst of Internet data overload, vibrofiles.com attempts to sketch a panorama of sound arts, via artist¹s pages, events documentation and theoretical reviews.As with the vibrö CD boxes we are exploring these territories trough a series of 'snapshots' organised into a random and subjective cartography.In order to render the stream of current events, our recurring newsletters catalyse bits of information to be shared, expanded and exchanged.

À l’heure ou Internet foisonne de données, vibrofiles.com tente de dresser un panorama des arts sonores, au travers de pages artistes, de documentation
d'événements et de chroniques. Comme dans les coffrets CD Vibrö nous défrichons ces territoires au travers d’instantanés dont l'organisation dresse une cartographie aléatoire et subjective. Pour coller plus encore à l'actualité nos newsletters périodiques catalysent des informations à échanger, compléter et partager

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Vibrö is a sonic object, at the crossroads of an art multiple and a specialised magazine which intends to make sound and musical render experiments
more 'audible'. It also tries to illustrate the growing presence of sound in the fine art practice. Published in a digibox format, vibrö includes an audio
compilation and a series of cards that catalogue the artists and tracks.

Our samplers involve artists from all walks of life and stylistic backgrounds.Their plurality introduces the many genres displayed in today’s sound
practices. Destined to promote and support the artists, each issue is a gathering of major names in the fields of sound arts and experimental music
and a springboard for pioneering newcomers. It can be used as a reference archive, a portable sound gallery or a soundtrack for various spaces.

vibrofiles.com provides information on the contents of the compilations, but also on the ongoing developments in the area of sound arts
and experimental music. Our aim is to link the numerous scattered communities and participate in creating an international network.
Designed as a web ring, it will grow to facilitate the understanding and archiving of written and audio files.

Who are we? An international team of artists, designers and journalists, with a strong interest in sound and art. Since 2004, we have also been curating and programming more than 30 shows and events including the artists involved with the project. Working on a non-profit, volunteering basis, we will always welcome like-minded collaborators! You can also support us by becoming a vibrö partner.

So far, the response and contributions have been very encouraging, a living proof that something is happening out there... For its next issue - Vibrö is seeking new and original sound pieces.

The CD is the physical counterpart of this site.
Our compilations can be purchased online together with co-published monographies and books.

GENERAL INFO, SALES ENQUIRIES, PARTNERSHIP : info (at) vibrofiles (dot) com